Seminar „Black and White – Straight from the Master“ mit Dave Montizambert

42,00  inkl. MwSt.

24.3.2017 15.00 – 18.00Uhr

25.3.2017 14.00 – 17.00Uhr

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Dave Montizambert (CAN)
Ort: Villa Toscana, Seminarraum 4
(in Englisch)

Der Kanadier ist in Gmunden kein Unbekannter.
„Wie bearbeite ich atemberaubende SW-Bilder“, wird sein Thema in Gmunden sein.

Create Stunning B&W

International educator/lighting wizard Dave Montizambert believes photography is a beautiful abstraction of reality and that black and white (B&W) is even more so. With proper care and attention, B&W is beautiful, artful, but if you intend to create something more than the mediocre, there is much more to consider than simply applying a mono-chromatic conversion to a digital image capture. There is an infinite number of ways to create B&W, but Dave believes that one needs to give lighting and processing equal consideration, both are absolutely key to great mono-chromatic images.

In this intense session you will learn how-to:

  • Use & create the best B&W conversions for stunning B&W
  • Create incredible B&W images using only one light
  • Light for B&W using multiple light sources
  • Build dramatic intensity on faces & figure studies with specular shine
  • Light fair skin like fine art “dark-flesh” figure studies
  • Sell your B&W portraits of clients to them at higher prices by branding them as “art”
  • Prepare your B&W images for best printing outcome